Current Projects


Rewilding Education


Rewilding Education is a new venture that grapples with some of the complex questions about how to make education better for people and planet. It has been co-created by Max Hope and Dan Ford.

We want to radically change our education and create healthier, fairer and wilder ways of educating children, young people and adults. We know that our conventional education system is damaged, and we also know that the planet is under severe strain as a result of the way that human beings are interacting with the wild world.

Rewilding Education is a Community Interest Company with many strands of activity:

  • Supporting educators and practitioners to rewild practices
  • Collaborating with schools, colleges, universities and other formal education settings to reflect on and rewild organisations
  • Developing partnerships with individuals and organisations outside of the formal system
  • Undertaking high-quality and rigorous social impact evaluations for organisations
  • Co-creating research collaborations
  • Offering consultancy work

The Lodge


I am involved in establishing and launching The Lodge, a new self-directed and consent-based learning community for home-educated young people. Based in Saffron Walden, it opens in September 2021 for young people aged 10-11 but will ultimately cater for those aged 10-16. The Lodge is based on principles of self-direction, consent, ed(ucation) positivity, democratic education, and children’s rights. The Lodge is committed to equity, inclusion, social and environmental justice and strives to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all children, young people, families, and staff.

The Lodge is linked with The Cabin, an exemplary self-directed and consent-based learning community for home educated people aged 5-11.


Check out  the website for The Cabin and The Lodge here 


Rewilding Educators Programme

This nine-month programme is aimed at educators and is led by Max Hope and Dan Ford.

It is designed as a deep co-enquiry and contains elements of contemplation (time spent alone in nature), dialogue (discussion of emerging themes and puzzles), and action (experimenting with new and different ways of practicing as educators).

It is a radical, questioning, and challenging programme, starting online and building towards an immersive five-day wilderness camp. This camp includes an invitation to spend 24 hours alone in nature, in search of a personal vision, returning to camp with a clearer sense of who you are and who you want to be as an educator.

Check here for start dates and application details:

Intensive Writing Retreats, led by Max Hope.

{Coming SOON}

These 48-hour retreats are designed to inspire and support changemakers to get writing. Changemakers, entrepreneurs and activists are often so busy doing their work that they don’t have time, space, or inclination to write. But words are powerful, and words matter. Finding time and space to write can be a crucial element of changemaking.

Blog posts, articles, chapters, papers, books, speeches, pamphlets, manifestos, website content or anything else. These retreats are designed to help changemakers to think about writing, talk about writing, do some writing, and ask for feedback about our writing.

Retreats will be running twice a year, on location in Devon and in Herts.

Click here for more about Write On Changemakers and to find details of how to get involved.


Day workshops, led by Max Hope and Sophie Christophy

Watch this space

More information to follow

Phoenix Education

Co-chair of Trustees

Phoenix Education is a pioneering national charity that creates innovative programmes to enhance student participation and engagement in schools. It hosts events with young people, within and beyond mainstream schools, to support them to take ownership and control over their own learning. Phoenix Education also organises the Freedom to Learn Network – which connects alternative educators around the UK. It supports self-directed learning communities and raises awareness of many diverse sites of innovation. The Freedom to Learn Network grew, in part, from the Freedom to Learn Project, an international research project, which I co-founded in 2013.