Current Projects


Wild Education


Rewilding Education is a new venture that grapples with some of the complex questions about how to make education better for people and planet. It has been co-created by Max Hope and Dan Ford.

We want to radically change our education and create healthier, fairer and wilder ways of educating children, young people and adults. We know that our conventional education system is damaged, and we also know that the planet is under severe strain as a result of the way that human beings are interacting with the wild world.

Rewilding Education is a Community Interest Company with many strands of activity:

  • Supporting educators and practitioners to rewild practices
  • Collaborating with schools, colleges, universities and other formal education settings to reflect on and rewild organisations
  • Developing partnerships with individuals and organisations outside of the formal system
  • Undertaking high-quality and rigorous social impact evaluations for organisations
  • Co-creating research collaborations
  • Offering consultancy work


Where the Wild Things Are: an adventure in rewilding ourselves


Come with us on an adventure to some of the wild places of Britain – from the southern tip of South West England to the ancient Caledonian forest of Scotland. In five weekend modules we will be visiting those places where nature has consciously been unleashed, places where we can each bear witness to the real, unfolding, emergent possibility of restoring wildness in our lifetimes.

Call of the Wild: a year-long foundation programme in outdoor education leadership


An extraordinary syllabus is available to anyone open to spending time in nature, and our job as environmental/outdoor educators is to cultivate this ‘nature connection’ in helpful and meaningful ways. Therefore, we invite you to become one of the new generation of change-makers through the 2021 Call of the Wild programme. The process of developing our capacity to be a mentor for nature connection is a thrilling and soulful adventure that’s full of potential opportunities, challenges and possibilities.

Women’s Enterprise Education

I am the Learning Manager for an innovative new project which supports women in setting up new social enterprises and charities. The programme works with women who experience multiple barriers to learning and/or those who would not normally access conventional enterprise programmes. This project – Accelerating Women’s Enterprise – is based at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Dartington, an organisation which is itself committed to offering inclusive learning environments for a range of social entrepreneurs across the region.

You can find out more about the project here


ThoughtBox Education

Advisory Board Member.

ThoughtBox Education is a social enterprise offering schools the space, skills and opportunities for young people to deepen connections with themselves, society and the natural world. Their creative approach to designing lesson plans and resource packs that can be easily integrated into curriculum has enabled them to reach over 1 million children, in over 1000 schools, across 54 countries.


Phoenix Education

Co-chair of Trustees

Phoenix Education is a pioneering national charity that creates innovative programmes to enhance student participation and engagement in schools. It hosts events with young people, within and beyond mainstream schools, to support them to take ownership and control over their own learning. Phoenix Education also organises the Freedom to Learn Network – which connects alternative educators around the UK. It supports self-directed learning communities and raises awareness of many diverse sites of innovation. The Freedom to Learn Network grew, in part, from the Freedom to Learn Project, an international research project, which I co-founded in 2013.


Alternative and Radical Education

This book, published in 2019, argues that the notion of ‘freedom’ needs to be reclaimed by people committed to radical, progressive and democratic education. It uses stories and case studies from innovative schools to showcase how offering greater freedom to students makes education better for students, for teachers, for schools, and for society itself.

The book has six chapters:

1)     Introduction: the notion of ‘freedom’

2)     Free schools: a misnomer?

3)     Stories of freedom: strangers in a strange land

4)     Stories of freedom: advancing social justice

5)     Freedom and self-governance

6)     The case for freedom: a call to action

This book is aimed at teachers, parents, students, school leaders, informal educators, academics and more. It is intended to be a useful resource for educators, a well-researched text for students and academics, and an inspiration for activism.

The paperback version was published in July 2020. It is also available as a hardback, PDF and ebook.