Write On


What is Write On Changemakers?

Write On Changemakers is part of my activism. I want to change the world, and in turn, I want to do what I can to help other people to do the same. Between us, we can make the world fairer, kinder, more just and more equitable. For everyone. For the sake of people and planet.

I want to support changemakers to share their passions, ideas, innovations, energies, and motivations. The activists, campaigners, educators, innovators, and social entrepreneurs who are fighting to change the world. Changemakers with big ideas but limited time. Changemakers who want to get a message across to a wider audience but don’t know how to do it. Changemakers with a vision about writing – a book, a website, a blog post, a manifesto, a zine – but who struggle to get this done. I want to support changemakers to shout about what they do. I want to help changemakers to tell their stories.

I want to support changemakers to write

There are three main ways to get involved with Write On Changemakers:

  • Join the Write On Changemakers Facebook Group to connect with other changemakers, to check out some writing tips and writing prompts, and to find out about events and activities.


  • Sign up for an intensive Writing Retreat that will provide a supportive, guided space to think about writing, talk about writing, and … get writing. These will take place on location in Herts and Devon. Fully catered. Small groups. One-to-one support and feedback. An opportunity to reconnect with our activism and our drive whilst also working on our writing. BOOKINGS OPEN NOW FOR A SOUL FIRE WRITING RETREAT in Kent from 14-16 April 2023.


  • Write a blog post about your journey as a writer or about your changemaking work and send it to me to share on the Write On Changemakers website. I will also be posting some new stuff on this site as well as on my own website here. I want to write in new ways. I want to push myself to write new stuff, radical stuff, risky stuff. So, this space is for me as well as for others. I want to be in it, in a real and authentic way, as well as finding ways to help others where I can.